Segulah Medical Acceleration is about helping companies grow and maximizing potential

There is a general lack of value-added, specialized growth financing for the benefit of healthcare technology companies in the European investment space. Consequently, in some cases outcomes are sub-optimal compared to full potential given excellent science and development expertise. We strive to help companies by contributing not only capital, but also knowledge, experience and access to industry networks. We actively work with our portfolio companies throughout the investment cycle to bridge the divide between outstanding development potential and full potential realization.

We are a purpose
driven investor

SMA pursues meaningful investments that will have a long term impact on health issues globally. We see a clear need the combination of capital and knowledge in the investment landscape that SMA will seek to provide. In so doing we believe that we can generate superior risk-adjusted returns on a consistent basis for our portfolio companies and our investors.

The gap that we see as most glaring relates to technology driven companies in the medical device and tools area, when they are about to start commercialization. At that point, there are generally substantial financial and human investments required but often not the money available. In Scandinavia and Europe, we often see world-class products and technologies without clear commercialization expertise or strategic roadmap. As a result, this often leads to delays, mistakes/shortcuts and down the road, sub-optimal outcomes. This is the void that we aim to fill.

"We aim to bridge the divide between outstanding European development potential and full potential realization"

We invest based on a few principles

We want ESG to permeate
all our activities...

...by investing in things that matter. We believe that in addressing the needs and objectives that SMA is all about we are inherently investing in a way that optimizes ESG criteria as we are totally focused health and human quality of life We are entirely dedicated to advancing health technology for everyone.

...by signing and promoting PFRI and SDGs. We believe that we as investors have a duty to act in the best long-term interests of our beneficiaries and that PRI’s six principles resonate well with SMA’s investment strategy. Also, we are taking SDGs into account as part of each investment process.

We are funded by leading institutions, the SMA team and several high net worth individuals

SMA is funded by several leading institutional and private investors who share our drive to reshape the European medical technologies investment ecosystem. These include two Swedish pension funds, one European foundation and a Swedish government investment entity. Our private investors are prominent high net worth individuals with successful track records across multiple industries.

In total SMA has SEK 1.2bn in capital under management. The team has committed c. 20% of the total fund size and more than 60% of the committed capital comes from institutional investors.